MiaMox PartyBook

The MiaMox PartyBook system is designed to simplify running your business and offers your customers the chance to track and customise their own party bookings.


  • Bookings function
    • Diary and Booking forms
    • Automated emails
    • Invoice and party log generator
    • Customer Enquiries management
    • Equipment tracking
    • Tasklists
  • Financial administration
    • Payments and expenses
    • Mileage and allowances
    • Payroll manager
    • Financial reports
    • Cashflow
    • Account preparation for audited accounts
  • Customer login area
    • Order function
    • Booking Customisation
    • Customer feedback facility
  • Promotion
    • Publicity tracker
    • Advert/Promotion file management
  • Additional Tools
    • Stock control for party bags
    • Account management


The software is broken down into five sections:


Either the customer fills in an on-line booking form or you take the customer details and they are entered into the system. An automated email will be sent to the customer with all the booking and costing details. In addition, if you have set up venues an automated email is sent to the appropriate venue informing them of the new booking. The customer now has an account on the system. From now on you can fully manage the customers' bookings, handling any booking amendments, food options, add ons such as party bags and all financial information with ease. The system generates booking sheets, customer invoices and party logs to ensure you are on top of all your bookings.

Bookings can either be at previously set up venues, private, corporate, public or pay-per-turn bookings.

Customer Login Area

Once the customer has an account on the system, they can fully manage their booking without this taking up your time. They can choose party bag items (boy bags, girl bags or the same bag for all) using a points based system, they can add food options or choose food from venue menus. They can add the attending children's first names, which is very important as it allows you to prepare party logs and certificates beforehand.


While not replacing your accountant, the system allows you to keep complete records of all your payments, expenses, mileage claims, allowances, payroll and other income. You'll be able to see your cashflow on a month by month, year by year basis. If you choose to have your accounts finalised by an accountant, then you can create an account for him/her to log in on a read-only account and the data will be presented in a straightforward way.


Setup referral sources and by keeping track of how each customer hears of you, you can assess which areas of promotion/advertising are working best for you. If you have multiple sized adverts or graphics for various printing or advertising magazines/newspapers, upload each file to keep track of what file is for which source. Very useful if you advertise in a number of magazines, etc. Email your customers with any promotions you have on or maybe fun days that you have arranged. You can even email only those who have completed a party, or other subsets of your customers. Customers will be able to opt-out by following a link on the bottom of the sent email.

Other Tools

Stock control for managing your party bag orders. Once a item is out of stock it no longer gets displayed to the user. Permission-based multiple accounts for other users such as accountants, venues, staff members each with various access rights to the system.

Ongoing Development

The PartyBook system is being updated all the time with new client requests and extra functionality. Since the software is centrally hosted, as soon as a new piece of functionality is added everyone has access to the new tools. Any bugs or errors that are reported are dealt with by the team.


The MiaMox PartyBook system is offered as a subscription based product. As a stand alone product, the first year's subscription costs £1,500. This includes the initial setup of the system tailored to your business plus full training, manuals and support. Thereafter the annual fee is £499. As part of one of our business packages the first year's cost is included within the package price. The first year's subscription period starts with your first booking date. So any initial time spent finalising your business will not mean you are using up subscription time before your business is active.